Carnival Party
Friday 28 th of February 2014

A dip into the most sensual India among dance of Bhangra folklore, Hindu deities and a sumptuous Indian wedding.
Carpets, pillows, candles, lanterns, petals, elephants and peacocks,
music by traditional Indian Tabla and Sitar but also the irresitibile Bollywood music.
The Party will be delighted by a delicious buffet of spicy aromas and typical flavors of India.
And then music to have fun until late at night!

The Carnival Buffet

Tris of curry rice
Chicken with mango
Lamb with spices

Tandoori dishes

The tandoor is an oven that reaches a temperature between 400 ° and 600 °: the food is well cooked outside and tender inside.

A mixtures of spices carefully chosen

Lamb Vindaloo
A typical hot spicy Indian dish

Lemon Rice
A South Indian dish, tasty and special
Kashmiri Pulao
An aromatic and sweet dish, which the addition of fruit and dried fruit

Typical leavened bread of India

€ 250,00 per person
The costume is required.
For the choice of your costume we recommend
Atelier Antonia Sautter