In the Met Restaurant kitchen, synergy is created by collaboration with chefs trained at the Alma school, directed by Executive Chef Luca Veritti, the genuine revelation of this new gastronomic adventure.
Chef Luca Veritti: born in Friuli in 1979, he has worked as Chef de Partie at the Ristorante “Gualtiero Marchesi” (two Michelin stars) and as Chef de Partie at the Ristorante “Da Vittorio” (three Michelin stars). Versatile and creative, he has picked up the challenge of a new culinary concept, greeted with appreciation by critics and enthusiasts.
Chef de Partie Augustine Nsai: this young chef comes from Cameroon and is specialised in appetizers.
Chef de Partie Paolo Tomati: another young chef trained by Perbellini (two Michelin stars) specialised in second courses.
Chef Patissier Giulia Carusi: a young pastry chef from Milano, trained at the Alma School.
Commis Stefano dal Moro:
he can boast an experience at Milano Marittina, at the "Frasca"
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