The 2014 Special Dinners

March 29th 2014: Shellfish and Champagne

A Mediterranean shellfish-based dinner accompanied by the noble wines of the Billecart -Salmon Maison. Chef Luca Veritti presents a contemporary menu where lobsters, prawns and shrimp find new combinations and swing of cooked, raw and smoked flavors to announce the approaching Spring .

May 17th 2014: Chef against Sommelier
An evening dedicated to the theme of the great wines of France and a challenge between our sommelier Fernando Velasco Garcia and chef Luca Veritti . A dinner where the menu is planned after that the sommelier has selected the wines . A research through a careful construction of taste combinations that starts from the flavors of wine.

September 13th 2014: Caviar de Venise
A journey through the Contemporary cuisine by chef Luca Veritti , where the caviar becomes the protagonist of every single dish . An exclusive dinner accompanied by wines from the historic Italian grands crus .

November 8th 2014: Barolo Wine and Truffle
A menu with traditional dishes rigorously chosen to emphasize the flavor of the truffle and to create the best combinations with precious Barolo wine from the Metropole cellar. Attention to detail and a warm atmosphere will be the final touch for this special evening

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