Saturday, July 19th 2014

The origins of the Festival of the Redentore go back to 1576, when a temple was built in honour of Christ the Redeemer ("Redentore") to drive out the plague which was crushing the city. The church of the Redentore was built on Giudecca to a design by Andrea Palladio.

At sunset, boats decorated with coloured balloons converge on Bacino S. Marco.
An abundant dinner based on traditional Venetian dishes is eaten on board.
The illuminated shore and balconies of the mansions are thronged with a great crowd to watch the firework display which lasts 45 minutes. 

Redentore Party
Saturday July 19th 2014
Met Restaurant


Seppie in tecia
 - Venetian style cuttlefish
Baccalà mantecato
- Venetian style salt cod
Sarde in saor
- Venetian style marinated sardines
Prosecco Borgo Molino

Mediterranean sashimi with vegetables from the island of Sant’Erasmo
Soave Calvarino 2011 Leonildo Pieropan

Tomato ravioli with lobster and broad beans
Illivio 2011 Livio Felluga

Chef's style sea bass
Sauvignon Sanct-Valentin 2012 Michael-Eppan

Water melon sorbet

Chamomile mousse with melon and tomato Sandeman Ruby Port

Petit fours

€ 200.00 including wines