Astice alla catalana (Tradizionale)
The original recipe uses Sardinian spiny lobster fished in the sea from Bosa to Alghero. The spiny lobster is replaced by European lobster, but the ingredients of the sauce still respect the Alghero tradition.
Beefsteak tomato, sweet white onion and celery are the typical elements.
Risotto con giochi marini (L’ispirazione)
Carnaroli rice from the Po Delta creamed with butter from the Belluno valleys and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese meets sensations of the sea, leaving the guest with a play of flavours.
Pesce e pomodoro (Contemporaneo)
From Rialto market, the freshest fish is combined with three different types of tomato (“datterino”, “piennolo” and cherry, all with different textures) together with other Mediterranean flavours such as capers, lemon, oregano and Falanghina wine.
Pesca, pesca, pesca (Contemporaneo)
Yellow and white peaches meet the ingredients in the original recipe, but rediscover new textures. A journey of flavour where the fruit becomes a symphony of original, fresh, sweet flavours.

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