Autumn Menu 2014 – Met Restaurant

Variations of cooked and raw fish
A mosaic of fish, shellfish and molluscs served both cooked and raw, combined with sauces to represent a journey from the Orient to Western cultures. Aromas and flavours typical of the Mediterranean, blending with bolder tastes originating from the other side of the world, to enrich a dish that is the perfect blend of different cuisines.
Macaròns di còce
Pumpkin gnocchi typical of Carnian home cooking. Prepared by hand, using a spoon, which gives them their shape and weight, they are served with melted butter, sage leaves and some grated smoked ricotta cheese from Friuli.
Milanese veal chop according to Luca
The breaded cutlet finds new rules and whims through the chef’s inspirations, transforming this classic cut of veal into three different preparations with three different textures. The Carnaroli rice sauce with saffron gives the recipe a memory of Milan.
Chocolate truffle
A delicate white Alba truffle mousse covered in white chocolate, served with a crunchy biscuit with autumn tastes.

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Barolo Wine and Truffle
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