From the Spring Menu 2015 – Met Restaurant

L’ispirazione - Insalata di Sant’Erasmo
Lettuce heart, carrots, cream cheese and a wafer of bread are the main ingredients of this salad,
with the addition of flowers, shoots, herbs and fruit according to the season.

Contemporary - Spaghetti erbe e fumo
The dough of the cjarsons is transformed into a spaghetto where the herbs penetrate the dough and the ricotta becomes a sauce. Caviar de Venise, lemon and smoke add the finishing touches.

L’ispirazione - Filetto in primavera
The best cut of Piedmont Fassona beef, the fillet, is served with fine Bassano white asparagus.
A sauce made with concentrated meat juices and morel mushrooms enhances the dish and fragrances and hints of spring add the finishing touches.

L’ispirazione - Ricordi d’infanzia…il piatto del goloso.
The kitchen staff remember the desserts of their childhood. Stefano’s apple pie, Giulia’s cream doughnut, Luca’s bread and chocolate, Giorgio’s bianco e nero (black and white), Aldo’s tiramisù and Carlo’s stracciatella ice-cream…relive your childhood with us.

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