From the Summer Menu 2015 – Met Restaurant

Contemporary starter - Fassona beef hamburger
The best cut of Piedmont Fassona beef, the fillet, is marinated and carved into thick slices. Sesame bread, potato chips and a dash of foie gras ice-cream.

Contemporary first course - Risotto with oysters, raspberries and coffee
Carnaroli rice from the Po Delta is blended with lemon juice and creamed with Belon de Belon oyster purée. The dish is completed with raspberries and a dusting of Guatemala coffee.

Contemporary  second course - Aphrodisiac pigeon
According to legend, the pigeon has aphrodisiac properties. Marostica cherries, new potatoes from Emilia, Scorzone Umbro truffle and Bourbon vanilla. A combination of flavours for a voyage of the senses.

Contemporary dessert - A tribute to Art: Fruit Passion
Cherries, wild berries, peaches, soft biscuit and a skimming of coloured coulis for a truly amazing dessert.

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