Saturday, July 19th 2014
h. 7.30 pm

Festa del Redentore

The Metropole Hotel celebrates the magical evening of Redentore against the evocative backdrop of the Citrus Garden among scented plants and special decorations. The Met Restaurant's Michelin-starred Cuisine proposes the best of the season's ingredients prepared with the extraordinary mastery of Chef Luca Veritti, together with evergreen staples from the Venetian tradition. An enthralling midsummer's evening of small surprises, cadenced by the notes of a fantastic jazz trio. After the fireworks on the Venice Lagoon, the evening will continue in the Oriental Bar, with DJ Set O.C.

The Menu

Venetian Temptations

Seppie in tecia - Venetian style cuttlefish
Baccalà mantecato - Venetian style salt cod
Sarde in saor - Venetian style marinated sardines
Prosecco Borgo Molino
Mediterranean sashimi
with vegetables from the island of Sant’Erasmo
Soave Calvarino 2011 Leonildo Pieropan
Tomato ravioli with lobster and broad beans
Illivio 2011 Livio Felluga
Sea bass with summer aromas
Sauvignon Sanct-Valentin 2012 Michael-Eppan
Water melon sorbet
Chamomile mousse with melon and tomato
Sandeman Ruby Port
Petit fours

€ 200.00 wines included
Advance booking kindly required
Dress code: Casual chic with something white

MET restaurant - Riva degli Schiavoni 4149 - 30122 Venezia Italy - T. +39 041 52 050 44 - F. +39 04152 23679
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