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Luxury hotels Venice

Given the incredible range of luxury hotels, Venice is one of the tourism destinations that could offer visitors an embarrassment of choice when looking for accommodation that reflects their needs: when you book one of the magnificent rooms in the Metropole Hotel on Riva degli Schiavoni you will be certain not only that you have chosen a splendid luxury hotel in Venice, but also that you will be staying in an extraordinary location.

The Metropole's central position, along with the incredible view from its windows, makes it one of the most fascinating luxury hotels: Venice, the city of campi and campielli, is a mysterious and fascinating city, rich in history and traditions, which will immediately surround you with an atmosphere that will be even more luxurious and stimulating in our hotel.

So book your stay in the city of the lagoon in one of the most renowned and seductive luxury hotels: Venice will welcome you into an embrace of silk and velvet that you will find hard to forget.
Metropole Hotel - Riva degli Schiavoni 4149 - 30122 Venezia Italy - T.+39 041 52 050 44 - F.+39 04152 23679 - venice@hotelmetropole.com
P.I / C.F. 00184450278 - N. iscrizione registro Inprese di Venezia 00184450278 - Capitale sociale € 120.000,00

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