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Over the years, the passion for antiques and collecting of the Beggiato family, owners of the Hotel and collections on display, has transformed the hotel into a jewel casket of refinement, giving it a cultured and welcoming identity. The Metropole in fact boasts more than 2000 antiques on display in the sumptuous Gallery, but also on the four floors and in the rooms themselves. Objects coming from the past to re-evoke a timeless romanticism, miniature treasures passed down through epochs and fashions and now carefully preserved and displayed for all those wanting to appreciate their value
Metropole Hotel - Riva degli Schiavoni 4149 - 30122 Venezia Italy - T.+39 041 52 050 44 - F.+39 04152 23679 - venice@hotelmetropole.com
P.I / C.F. 00184450278 - N. iscrizione registro Inprese di Venezia 00184450278 - Capitale sociale € 120.000,00

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