Carnival at the metropole


This is how we celebrated our Carnival Party
Friday 28 th of February 2014 

A dip into the most sensual India among Bhangra dance, Hindu deities and a sumptuous Indian wedding.
Carpets, pillows, candles, lanterns, petals, elephants and peacocks,
music by traditional Indian Tabla and Sitar but also the irresitibile Bollywood music.
The Party will be delighted by a delicious buffet of spicy aromas and typical flavors of India.
And then music to have fun until late at night!

Delicacies from India

Basmati and Briani Rice

Samosa and Pakora  
fried meatballs with vegetables

Sesame and Shellfish Satay

lentils with sauce

vegetables in spicy yoghurt cream

Malay Kofta
vegetables meatballs in sauce

Tandoori Chicken

chicken dish with spice blends carefully chosen

typical lamb dish

crispy focaccia

mixed vegetables salad topped with yoghurt and curry

Boondi Raita
chickpea salad with cumin

focaccia with two different stuffings, cheese and vegetables

Sauces: Tamarind, Chutney, Mint Yoghurt, Vegetables Yoghurt, Halva (sweet semolina)

But also….

Carpaccio of scallops, sour cream
Sea bass carpaccio with marinated chestnuts
Tuna carpaccio in the Mediterranean style 
Amberjack tartare in cevice
Raw shrimp with passion fruit sauce
Fish Lasagne
Crepes with radicchio
Sea bass in bread crust
Fish from the Rialto market
Assortment of delicious Italian cheeses 

Gran Buffet of Desserts

Indian Kingfisher Beer
A selection of special wines from our cellar

€ 250,00 per person
The costume is required.
For the choice of your costume we recommend
Atelier Antonia Sautter