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1500 The building is seen in the famous “bird’s eye map of the city” by Jacopo de Barbari, celebrated Renaissance painter and engraver
1690 ca Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741 ) gives music lessons and composes his finest masterpieces, like the Concertoes, Estro armonico and The Four Seasons
1895 Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, stayed at the hotel.
1900 Marcel Proust stayed at the Hotel and a year later, Thomas Mann booked a room for himself and his brother while writing “Death in Venice”.
1968 Control of the hotel passes to the Beggiato family, who devote great passion and determination by starting a long and important restoration.
1992 The Metropole expands with the acquisition of the garden with the old well and the north wing where 10 new rooms are created.
2000 Following the latest international trends, the daughter Gloria Beggiato modernized the rooms with originality and sophistication, opening up the Metropole to a variety of cultural initiative
2008 A restyling of the hotel embellishes its lounges and increases the number of its Exclusive Suites. In recognition of the great attention to detail, service and quality, the Metropole became a Five Star Hotel, among the most elegant in the city
2011 The Metropole Hotel received the Prix Villegiature Award as Europe’s Best Charming Hotel


The Met Restaurant presented a whole new concept in cuisine in accordance with its excellent gastronomic level. The Tra’Contemporary menu offers classic, traditional Italian and Venetian dishes and the same dishes revisited in a contemporary key.
2013 After just 18 months since the launch of the new gastronomic concept, the Met Restaurant is again awarded with a Michelin Star.
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