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“My interest in collecting dates back to the 1960s when I went to Sotheby’s in London for an auction of Bordeaux wines. On that occasion, I managed to acquire a selection of unusual corkscrew. Since then, both I and my wife Elisabeth have cultivated this great passion with dedication. We have displayed the antique objects collected over the years in the spaces in our Metropole Hotel in Venice, an extraordinary “Wunderkammer” open to our guests and curious visitors. The collections are of 19th century visiting card cases, Belle Époque evening pouch bags , unusual corkscrew, nutcrackers and crucifixes. The remarkable originality of the fans boasts a floor of its own with more than 200 items. Hand painted, lace, silk, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl…but also eclectic with ostrich feathers, this is without doubt our most impressive collection.”
Pierluigi Beggiato

In 2014, some of the most precious pieces has been displayed on a temporary exhibition at Palazzo Mocenigo Museum in Venice.
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Evening Bags

This is the most fashionable collection in the Gallery, begun by the women of the Beggiato family.

Evening or cocktail bags, all made with glass beads, with items from the end of the 1800s to the 1960s.
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Visiting Card Cases

Elegant French and English visiting card holders of the 19th century in now precious materials: mother-of-pearl, silver, tortoiseshell, ivory, exquisitely fashioned and carved.

To be flaunted like veritable jewels.
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A collection the owner Pierluigi Beggiato began some 50 years ago in London, when he bought forty or so corkscrews.

Now there are more than 300 items, mostly from England and France, of the strangest shape and the most varied materials, with handles like miniature sculptures of animals and human figures.
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This is one of Italy’s most important collections. In wood, ivory and bronze, they are partly displayed in the Gallery, and partly in another wing of the Hotel.

It includes rare museum pieces, and express a profound spirituality
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It is the northern European middle-class that take a fancy to the nutcracker and definitely appoint it as an important evidence of the master’s social status.

Wooden and bronze animals, buffoons, and mythological monsters represent the “court of miracles” of this collection on display in the Gallery.
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