A vast choice of tours that will guide you as you discover the most authentic side of Venice.
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Mystical Venice - San Francesco del Deserto

A historic and cultural guided tour to San Francesco del Deserto, the extraordinary island-monastery situated north of the Venetian Lagoon.

Venice at sunset – Aperitif aboard

A luxurious water taxi will show you the city’s most picturesque corners, surrounded by the breathtaking magic of an unforgettable sunset at the Venetian Lagoon.

Venice and its secret gardens

An exclusive walking tour to discover the city’s nature and architecture, with an exceptional guide.

Venice and craftsmanship - Tessiture Luigi Bevilacqua

A guided tour of one of Europe’s most ancient weaving workshop, where the precious Soprarizzo velvet is still woven with the original 18th-century looms.

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