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Fairytale Weddings

Classic Wedding

For the bride who loves tradition, the brightness of white and the romantic elegance of roses.
A bride who sees her wedding day as a fairy-tale, a dream amidst perfumed flowers and white confetti.

A bride who wants her guests to feel perfectly at home.
Our Classic Marriage is the perfect choice for her.
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Oriental Wedding

For the bride who loves travelling to distant, exotic lands, to inebriate with the perfume of spices and oriental fragrances.

A bride who possesses an innate elegance and emanates a natural fascination, tantalisingly concealed behind her fan.

Our Oriental Marriage is ideal for this mysterious and elegant creature.
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Deluxe Wedding

For the bride who loves refinement and appreciates true preciousness. A bride who demands a touch of grandiose luxury in every little detail, for the amazement and pleasure of her guests.

A bride who wants only the best for her special day, to turn the event into a triumph of beauty.
Our Deluxe Marriage is designed to delight this determined and regal bride.
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Free Night

Stay 5 nights, 1 is free with ...


Special July-August

Stay in July or August from eu...


Venice Film Festival

Rates starting from € 270,00...


Redeemer in Venice

Rates starting from € 200,00...


Special September

Rates starting from € 250,00...


Special Ottobre

Rates starting from € 225,00...