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The origins: since 1500

• 1500 In his famous map of Venice, De Barbari, the celebrated Renaissance painter and engraver, included a building identifiable as the present-day Hotel Metropole
• 1686 A chapel was added to the original building where Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) gave music lessons and from 1703 to 1740 composed his masterpieces: the Estro Armonico op.III, the Concertoes, and the Four Seasons
• 1745 Work began to reconstruct the whole building. In September 1760, the new church was consecrated. Known as Santa Maria della Visitazione, or La Pietà, it was designed by Giorgio Massari and built next to the site of the hotel
• 1880 A further major restoration transformed the building into a hotel known as the “Casa Kirsch”

the Hospitality: 1800/1900

• 1895 Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, stayed at the hotel. He wrote to his wife Martha: “Don’t expect me to send you much in the way of a description. The thrill of being in Venice makes it impossible.”
• 1897 In the A. Muller’s “Pocket Guide to Venice and its Surroundings”, the hotel was listed as one of the best in town.
•1900 Marcel Proust stayed at the Hotel and a year later, Thomas Mann booked a room for himself and his brother while writing “Death in Venice”
• 1942-45 During this wartime period the hotel was transformed into a hospital
• 1954 The management by the Venetians Vittorio and Plinio Boscaro which had begun in 1912 came to an end

A new life: from 1968 until today

• 1968 Management of the prestigious hotel passed to Pierluigi and Elisabeth Beggiato, a traditional family of hoteliers who took over management and gave the hotel the aura of culture and refinement that has ever since set it apart in Venice and worldwide.
• 1992 The Metropole expanded with acquisition of the garden and the north wing. Ten new rooms and the helicoidal staircase dating from 1440 were opened
• 2000 Management by the Beggiato family passed to the daughter Gloria who modernised the rooms with originality and sophistication
• 2005 The Met Restaurant was awarded a Michelin star
• 2008 the Metropole became a Five Star Hotel
• 2009 The Met Restaurant won the second Michelin Star
• 2012 The Met Restaurant presented a whole new concept: the Tra’Contemporary cuisine
• 2014 Precious fans from the Metropole’s private collection are on exhibition at the Museo del Costume of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice

The passion for music

Music is the very soul of the Metropole: Mick Jones of the Clash, Lou Reed, Patty Smith, Jovanotti, Patti Pravo, Lenny Kravitz, Skin (Skunk Anansie), Grace Jones, Giovanni Allevi, Amanda Lear and Vinicio Capossela have all chosen to stay with us. The Metropole is the "place to be" in Venice for faultless service, discretion and a classic atmosphere.

For similar reasons, and because the Metropole is so conveniently placed for the Biennale d’Arte, many famous artists have stayed here too, including Urs Fischer, Oliver Clegg, Arman, Gavin Turk, Franz West, Tracy Emin, Veronica Leon Veintemilla, and Gilbert & George.

About us

“ Thank you for a fantastic stay! The vibe and service was superb!
Lenny Kravitz
“Sempre un piacere tornare a Venezia!! Grazie per questo hotel meraviglioso, grazie per il sole, grazie di tutto e a presto!!
Amanda Lear
“Thank you for having me… I have had a wonderful time in magical Venice”.
Mick Jones
“Thank you for all your warmth and being able to see your wonderful collections”
Patty Smith

“(Dialogo tra uno e Jovanotti)
- Vai a Venezia?
- No, vado al Metropole!!!
- Ah, fantastico!!
- Bello, bellissimo, un posto magico, prezioso, unico al mondo!!
- Venezia?
- Sì, sì…ma specialmente il Metropole!!!
Grazie… Giorni indimenticabili con la mia famiglia
Lorenzo Jovanotti


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