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Feast of the Redeemer in Venice

Of the many religious and secular festivals few have changed over time.  One of these is the Feast of the Redentore – the Venetians really love this time of year. 

In 1577 a tragic epidemic of the plague was finally overcome.  The end of the plague was celebrated by the building of the Palladian Basilica on the island of Guidecca.  Still today, the tradition continues of decorating the boats with boughs and balloons and eating thick tubes of pasta in a special sauce.  If you choose to visit Venice at the time of these festivities, you will enjoy a truly unique experience. 

There is this and more to enjoy in Venice on the night of the Feast of the Redentore.  The Metropole Hotel in Venice celebrates the evening of the Feast of the Redentore in the picturesque and magical setting of the Citrus Garden.  Our Chef from the Orientalbar selects the best of the season’s ingredients and combines these with the unmissable flavours of traditional Venetian cooking.  An evening in high summer, made up of small surprises and live music whilst waiting for the spectacular fire work display that takes place over the Lagoon.

In order to enjoy the magic that is the Feast of the Redentore in Venice, the Metropole, thanks to its strategic central location, enables you to watch the whole of the spectacular fire-work display straight from your room whilst being served exceptional dishes created by our chefs.  Come and share a really special Festival that is much loved by the Venetians from our luxury 5 Star Hotel in the centre of the city.

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