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Hotel offers for Venice Carnival

The magic of Venice entrances millions of visitors every year. The city’s beauty is renowned all over the world. The city’s special events make her truly famous on an international level. The Venice Carnival is certainly a unique experience which is part of Venetian history and is celebrated every year in grand style. At the Metropole Hotel in Venice, the Carnival takes place both inside and outside the hotel. The exclusive private costume party organised by the Metropole will provide a truly unforgettable experience.

In Venice at Carnival time, people dress up in costumes and are masked so you can lose your identity completely and any clues as to one’s class, sex or religion are totally hidden. The fun of participation and being able to travel unown to this ritual was and still is the very essence of the Carnival. To participate in all the secrets of the Venice Carnival, book your stay in a luxury Hotel which offers real elegance in the heart of the city. Our exclusive suites look out over the lagoon where you can admire St. Mark’s Square. A breath-taking panorama that will be with you throughout your stay in Venice.

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