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A Boutique Hotel in Venice

The Metropole is a luxury hotel where “elegance” is the word of the day. A hotel in the heart of Venice whose exotic style is perfectly complemented by the timeless beauty of this city. 
The progeny of a meeting of ancient cultures, Venice embodies an enchanted and seductive style which leaves the visitor breathless. This is where you will find the Venice Metropole Hotel: rich in colour, beauty and exquisite furnishings which include the custodianship of a surprising private collection of antiques.

At the Metropole Hotel in Venice, we offer a very high class service: we believe in beauty and in the quality of our style. For this reason, many visitors decide to place themselves in our reliable hands for their entire stay in Venice. An example of the uniqueness of the Metropole Hotel? Inside at our Oriental Bar, you will find one of the very few Tea Rooms in Italy where you can try a variety of teas from different originsincluding, for example, a blend from the distant plantations of the Himalayas.

Come and discover the magical enchantment of the Metropole, a boutique hotel in the heart of the Venetian city centre. A building which in itself reflects the timeless beauty of Venice uniting the classical and eastern tastes and which is strategically located at just a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square and around the corner from the shopping centre and the Biennale D’Arte of Venice.

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