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Hotel with Private Venetian Collections

Real class and elegance at the Venice Metropole, a unique hotel in the centre of the city which looks out across the enchanting Venetian Lagoon and which offers its guests an ambience of refined and tasteful beauty.

If you are a lover of art collections, Venice will surprise you with her fabulous museums and exquisite monuments but your stay could be even more special if you book at the Metropole, a hotel where you can enjoy a really special and unique private art collection encompassing objects from all over the world.

Fans, handbags, wallets, corkscrews, nutcrackers and crucifixes are just some of the precious objects which you can admire in the Metropole’s own private collection. In 2014, the Costume Museum of the Mocenigo Palace in Venice loaned the Hotel some of its most valuable pieces for a temporary exhibition because of the notoriety of the Hotel’s existing collection.

Lovers of aesthetics and culture will feel most at home in the stimulating atmosphere of our hotel, a luxurious 5 Star hotel which makes you feel so welcome whilst enjoying the comfort of our exquisite furniture and high value objects which can be found not just in the communal rooms but also in in the bedrooms and luxurious suites.

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