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An Historic Hotel in Venice

The historical beauty and the exotic style of the Metropole Hotel will surprise you. The hotel has a very special past because every detail inside tells a tale that has involved artists, painters, historical figures and film stars.

The building was much admired, for example, by Jacopo De Barbari, a Renaissance painter and engraver who included the hotel in one of his famous paintings. Many years later, Antonio Vivaldi gave music lessons in this building and composed some of his most famous masterpieces here.

In 1895, Sigmund Freud, Marcel Proust and Thomas Mann all stayed here. The latter took a room for himself and one for his brother whilst he was writing “Death in Venice.” The hotel subsequently became the property of the Hotel family Beggiato, thanks to whom, significant restoration work was carried out. The Metropole has expanded over the years with the acquisition of the garden with a well and with the north wing where a further 10 rooms can be found. The interiors have been renovated with originality and elegance. The Metropole deserves its 5 Stars thanks to its extraordinary attention to detail and for the quality of its service.

In 2011, the Hotel Metropole was awarded the “Prix Villegiature Award for Most Charming Hotel in Europe” and is now a sought after destination, a goal for seekers of real historic beauty which can be appreciated by anybody who is visiting Venice.

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