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Hotel for Collectors Venice

We are delighted to offer our guests a welcoming atmosphere in elegant and truly luxurious surroundings at the Venice Metropole in the heart of the city.

Our Hotel sets itself apart not just because of its very central location but also because of its unique private collection of antiques such as handbags, corkscrews and crucifixes to name a few. These are all items of absolute quality and of great artistic value.

For the curious, the Hotel is an ideal place in which to admire these invaluable objects and to contemplate some of Venice’s Art at close quarters whilst staying in the comfort of our Hotel. Some of the items from our collection are actually located in the rooms and suites making each room individual and truly special.

The owners of the Hotel, the Beggiato family, have always had a passion for antiques and collecting and for this reason, our Hotel is a particular favourite for collectors who come to visit the city of Venice and admire the precious objects displayed at the Metropole.

There are more than 2000 antique itemssome of which are on display in our sparkling Gallery but also distributed across the four floors including, as we have said before, in many of the guest bedrooms.

Many are small treasures that have survived the centuries and different fashions and are now carefully preserved and displayed in the Hotel Metropole right in the centre of the city. Let yourself be transported back in time by our distinguished private collection and by our history. You will uncover many ancient secrets and curious stories of Venetian history.

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