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Venetian Tea Room & Oriental Bar

Venice is one of the most important cultural and artistic centres in the world. Her style is the result of a union of different elements and diverse ethnicities which have occurred throughout the history of this city breathing life into a magical mix of Eastern exoticism and classicism. 
At the Metropole Hotel in Venice you can explore this harmonious mix of styles and relax whilst enjoying the splendid panorama across the Venetian lagoon.

Why not stop at the Oriental Bar? Here you can allow yourself a moment of repose in our Tea Room in whose tasteful surroundings you can enjoy a large selection of teas including those emanating from the Himalayas.

Among the unusual features that the Oriental Bar has to offer is the opportunity to participate in the Tea Drinking Ritual which takes place every year from October to March. In collaboration with the French company, Dammann Frères, we can actually offer more than 30 of the most famous blends in the world such as the fragrant Olong, the Ceylon O.P., Kumana, Genmaicha Green Tea, Nepalese Himalayan Shangri-La, Superior Darjeeling, Superior Assam and the Celestial Yunnan.

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